Dinner Abroad

Dinner Abroad is a service to help both curious travellers and welcoming hosts.

Travellers often want to learn about local customs and habits. Many also enjoy to explore the local cuisine. The application allows for a tourist and a local to connect over food. Once the connection is made the local prepares and shares a regional dish at their home with the visitor.

When planning a visit to a foreign country one can search for a local who would like to share the knowledge a local dish. The application will show all person in a particular destination who are interested to share an experience. The cost is minimum, the ingredients, and these will be paid by the visitor who is contacting the local. Once the time and date are set the visitor (and the local) will receive a reminder about the details. The two parties meet and share food in an authentic setting.

Through the Video Prototyping course, our team including John Ferreira and myself, explored how we might best convey the story of the visitor looking for and meeting the local over dinner. Learnings were steep, especially around to convey a genuine interview with the person portraying the visitor.

Team: John Ferreira and Melina Pyykkonen
Tools: Video Prototyping
Time: 7 days
Role: Concept development, Script, Scenography