Contemporary Collar

The collar as part of a garment has been strongly subject to fashion trends. In the 16th century wearing such a collar was in fashion amongst Spanish aristocrats. The trend was taken over by the wealthy Dutch. Many times the collar would be made of fine pleated linen batiste. Some collars required a lot of fabric, sometimes up to 15 meters.

The contemporary collar introduced here does not include a costly process of making a fabric, as it uses the fabric of the clothing worn by the user. Two pieces of laser cut leather are joined through the fabric to give it form simultaneously. Portrayed here on a Spanish artist living in Amsterdam and Dutch city-hall clerk, the contemporary collar highlights the cultural and social background of its user today.

Material and method: Laser cut leather
Exhibitions: Sieraad, Haarlem City hall, NL, November 2011 Kunstlijn, Vishall, Haarlem, NL, November 2011